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Toronto, Ontario recent comments:

  • Toronto, Ontario, guest (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    meh... It's nice... But being a Canadian, I can honestly tell you it's not worth all the fuss. Calgary, Winnipeg, Fredericton, Vancouver, they're all nicer. And cheaper.
  • Wedgewood Place - 6061 Yonge Street, Tom (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    This place is very convenient, but if you live here, you have to deal with the ill-mannered building manager. She is very rude and walks around like she owns the place. She wont even bother to say hi or smile to the tenants.
  • (former) Former Magder Film Studios, Electric (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    aka Studio Oasis
  • Soho Metropolitian Hotel, Wael (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Ahmed & Yasmin Coutry House
  • Wedgewood Place - 6061 Yonge Street, Prince (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Hi, I am planning to rent an apartment here in 6061 Yonge Street for 1 year lease. So Please give me suggestions and give me the idea what are the problems and concerns in that building ? and all ! Thanks in Advance.
  • Air Canada Centre, Beerman (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    The Leafs SUCK
  • Murray Ross, Adam (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    lived there when I was a kid in the early 80's, it was like new then, loved it! It was an incredible place for a kid to go exploring, none of those ugly looking town houses back then, just open fields.... the uni and university city.
  • 11 Catford Road, Toronto, ONT, Adam (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    It wasn't that good a place even the late 70's, it could be quite dangerous. There was however lots of kids there then, we started at Derry Down, Elia, and then Jeffreys. The places around Catford weren’t so bad and the dream was always to live in University city, don't know what its like now though....
  • C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, Adam (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Too bad, it wasn't a bad place in back in the 80s. A lot of different backgrounds, but not at all dangerous, just some fist fights and some huffing and puffing, otherwise you never felt scared or the such. It wasn't perfect. The loss of the plaza is huge blow. We went there all the time good fries, arcade, pool tables up stairs variety store, where do you go now...the gas station.... I feel for you guys now, things are worse, public money is less and the people don't mesh any more... Was a pretty good place to grow up then, even if you were poor, there was still lots of free things to do.
  • 6000 Yonge Street, Jimmy (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Tanya is really rude in talking with tanents. I asked many tanents and they confirmed it.and it takes forever to reply an email or phone call, even for a simple request. She is not good at this position.
  • Gladstone Avenue, Janette (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    You've done it! Finally we can have Hallow e'en sized Caramilk all the time! Thank you for listening..
  • Heath Residences, quest (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    This post is from manager. The building is cockroach infested.
  • Claireville Drive, Toronto mandir (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    This is where the Magnificent Stone Mandir lies.
  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Complex, Toronto mandir (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Address is 61 Claireville Drive (Etobicoke), Toronto, M9W 5Z7
  • Grace New Covenant Pentecostal Church, Allwin (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Praise the lord.I am a beliver of THE PENTECOSTAL MISSION from India.I would like to talk with church believer Please contact me
  • 51 Parkwoods Village Drive, GEFFORY (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    It isn't safe period.
  • Kent Senior Public School, Don Ellis (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    I attended Kent School fro 1938 till 1945. I lived right across the street at 955 Dufferin St. I would be interested in talking to anyone that was at the school during that time. I am Don Ellis and my e-mail address is
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Etobicoke, Babu Pokhrel (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Is there any email address to write a mail?
  • Kraft Canada Head Office, Jamie - Kraft Canada Support (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Hi, this is Jamie again I work at Kraft Canada customer support. The website Wikimapia is not the place to post your concerns regarding Kraft products please contact our costumer service department and we will be happy to answer your concerns thank you *** Hi, BIO, Please leave this up for a while, thanks.***
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Etobicoke, Evan (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    No you can't call them you can only contact them via writing a letter to the Address provided on site.