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Toronto, Ontario recent comments:

  • Atlantic Paper Factory, B (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Yes It Really does smell bad
  • Bain St. Co-operative Housing, Matt the brat (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    the east end of the co-op is basically the equivalent of a trailer park, somewhere you don't want to me!
  • Public Library, Computer Shops, Dentist, Chiropractors, INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT, MUGU (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    In this place have many other stores like Sujan Convenience, Takeout, movie rental law offices and Ext.
  • Viewmount Park, JoBo (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Playground upgraded in Fall 2006
  • 2q Video, Peter (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    2q video also has a website to look up all movies in 2q database and the status (in stock or rent out).
  • Moss Park Arena, J+J (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Jimmy Simpson is on the other side of town in Leslieville near Queen East and Broadview.
  • Long Branch (neighbourhood), sb (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Not good enough for an idea like Wilimapia, too self involved.
  • Ultima North [4978 Yonge ST], Akira (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Ultima north is at Akira. My favorite place is[79 Sunfield]Road.
  • Carleton Village Public School, Ganesh - Devika (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    This is Carleton Village Public School
  • CityPlace - Harbour View Estates, Dick Jones (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    An abomination to the Toronto skyline. Tall, ugly green glass buildings that have further blighted Toronto's cityscape. Shameful they were approved without some serious design changes.
  • Mabelle Ave 24, Kish.. (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    This is 24 Mabelle, not cordova... cordova is the one beside
  • Metro, Pat (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Survived demolition in 2006.
  • D.A. Morrison Middle School, PC (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church, Isaac Chackalaparampil (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Holy Cross Church, belonging to The Archdiocese of Toronto, was served by CMI fathers (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) from 1998 to 2006.
  • Super secret Cemetery, Rob (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Excellent choice of noteworthy location - a very unique spot for this cemetery!
  • York Mills Station (TTC), Alex T (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    also intermodal transit node integrated with a mixed use building (retail, offices)
  • Yorkdale bus terminal, Alex T (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    of interest to planners and urban designers with focus on Transit oriented development
  • Square Boy Restaurant, Oscar (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    In my opinion, the BEST gyros on a pita/bun in the City.
  • Harvest Kitchen, Double D (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Just be prepared for food poisoning. This place has been shut down, and recieved another warning for food prep infractions. Avoid if you don't want to get sick. Note the Yellow City of Toronto Food Warning by the door.
  • Princess Place III, stef (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Yoko and Bryan residential